Welcome to Pupper’s documentation!

About Pupper

Stanford Pupper is a small quadruped robot that can hop, trot, and run around. We hope that its low cost and simple design will allow robot enthusiasts in K-12 and beyond to get their hands on fun, dynamic robots.

As the user, you can control how the robot moves and where it goes with a gamepad controller. An onboard Raspberry Pi receives your commands and orchestrates the movements of its servo motors, three per leg, to move the feet and body to the right places.

The robot is designed to be “hacked” – we want you to be able to adjust and expand the robot’s behaviors to your heart’s content. While the robot can walk out-of-the-box, some of the features you could add include different gaits (bounding, galloping, etc), or high level behaviors like playing fetch or following you around. You can also simulate the robot’s motion in PyBullet before touching the real robot.

To get started, check out the pages linked below on part sourcing and assembly. If you purchase the parts yourself, it’ll run you about $900. However, if you purchase a kit from either MangDang or Cypress Software it’ll likely cost you less. The two vendors sell different options so check both of them out to see what works for you. As of Aug 1st, the complete kit from MangDang costs USD 600 (ships from China), and the complete kit from Cypress Software costs USD 1250 (ships from Seattle). Both prices exclude tax and shipping. We’re not affiliated with either company, but we’ve verified both of their kits.

Pupper Jumping